Snubbing God

The High Cost of Rejecting God’s Created Order

Soft Cover

Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Victor Kuligin (PhD)

Soft Cover


Lexham Press


Confusion abounds in a world bent on rejecting a loving Creator’s guidance on a life well lived. According to its author, Snubbing God shows how “biblical wisdom is opposed by a secular view that has at its heart a fundamental misunderstanding or outright disregard for God’s creation and how he has designed it.”

Some of the issues Kuligin explores as a result of rebuffing God include gay marriage, abortion, climate change, animal rights, and evolution. Though pointing out the weaknesses of a secular viewpoint, the author provides convincing arguments for why living the way the Creator designed it leads to a rich and satisfying life.

“Snubbing God is strong medicine,” writes sociologist David Ayers in his foreword. “The reader will find it challenging at points—morally and intellectually. Few will agree with everything in it. Yet Kuligin has no desire to only preach to a choir, though certainly encouraging the saints is part of his aim. He is trying to get us to pull up short, to think, to reconsider the marvelous truths, and righteous demands, of the Bible and of its Author upon us.“

Introduction: Defining the Conditions of the Debate
1. The Creation Order and the Scientific Enterprise: Part 1, Its Philosophical Underpinnings
2. The Creation Order and the Scientific Enterprise: Part 2, Its Practical Outworking
3. The Creation Order and Evolutionary Theory: A Theological Perspective
4. The Creation Order and Evolutionary Theory: A Scientific Perspective
5. The Creation Order and the Sanctity of Life
6. The Creation Order and the Environment
7. The Creation Order and Gender Equality
8. The Creation Order and Sexual Morality
9. The Creation Order and Homosexuality
10. The Creation Order and Marriage
Conclusion: A Word about Godly Wisdom

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