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Keep your family informed on the latest easy-to-understand evidences for creation and against evolution! This unique full-color family magazine gives God the glory, refutes evolution, and gives you the answers to defend your faith. Exciting articles and great witnessing material you won't find anywhere else! Includes a beautifully illustrated full-color children's section in every issue. Arrives every three months!

Digital (online) version also available. Only viewable via your computer / tablet / smartphone web browser. You can opt to purchase the digital edition, the magazine (paper) edition or both. Choose which version, and the number of years you wish to subscribe, from the drop-down boxes below. See sample.

If you are a current subscriber to the print version of Creation magazine, and would like to add on the digital version for the remainder of your subscription period, please contact the CMI office in your country/region.

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Creation Magazine
Issue 43:4

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Journal of Creation
Issue 35:2

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