One Small Speck to Man, 2nd edition

The evolution myth

Hard Cover

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Vij Sodera

Hard Cover


This second edition includes 100 extra pages and new sections on geology, Tiktaalik, ear bones, manatees, snakes, bird heart and lungs, human diaphragm and eye, panda, human genome, pseudogenes, and more.

‘Properly interpreted, the scientific evidence proves that Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE.’

‘Anyone who has no doubt that apes are our distant cousins, or that fishes and worms share a common ancestry with humans, either has not studied the wealth of unequivocal evidence to the contrary … or is living in a state of denial.’

Quotes re OSS First Edition (from OSS2 back cover)

A world class book, which has provided a new paradigm by which to view the evolutionary myth. It is very well written, easy to understand, very thorough, has great explanations. It has a no-nonsense format which I have come to appreciate from General Surgeons.
Dr Donald Moeller DDS MD MA (Biology)
Maxillofacial Surgeon, USA

This outstanding encyclopedic work deals purely with the scientific evidence. For detailed critique of evolution theory (especially anatomy and physiology of living and extinct animals), this book is an excellent investment.
Dr Jerry Bergman Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology, USA

General description
This truly outstanding work is the only book of its kind. It will make you think, and enable you to understand the biological world in a way they don’t teach you and the media doesn’t know about. Once the evidence is pieced together, UK surgeon Dr Vij Sodera shows categorically that evolution is a myth. The artwork, anatomical dissections, diagrams and most of the photographs in the book are his own. Vij Sodera is also the author of 3 highly acclaimed surgical textbooks, and is an accomplished wildlife photographer and painter.

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