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Darwin: The Voyage + Creatures Do Change But It's Not Evolution


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High School-Adult

Dr Jonathan Sarfati | Dr Don Batten



This pack includes the two DVDs …

Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World
52 minute DVD [30-9-543]
In 1831 a young amateur scientist, Charles Darwin, boarded HMS Beagle on an epic five-year voyage of discovery.

2009 marked the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his book, ‘Origin of Species’. The Voyage that Shook the World retraces Darwin’s journey, exploring the places and discoveries crucial to the formulation of his Theory of Evolution.

A fascinating and thought-provoking opportunity to gain new insight into The Voyage that Shook the World.

Creatures Do Change But It's Not Evolution
How natural selection supports the Bible

48 minute DVD by Dr Don Batten [30-9-601]
God created things in a way that thwarts evolutionary story-telling. See how mutations and natural selection contradict evolution, and how microbes-to-microbiologists evolution is impossible. See the incredible workings inside cells with the latest, original, cutting-edge animation showing how cells make proteins. It’s mind-blowing! It defies evolution and shouts “Creation!”

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