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Biblical Creation on Solid Ground


Soft Cover


Ola Hössjer and Samuel Lampa (Eds.)

Soft Cover

April 2023


This attractively presented volume is aimed at people who wish to go deeper in engaging with the scientific, theological, and philosophical arguments in favour of the biblical creationist worldview. Over 60 images, charts and tables supplement the text of this scholarly work. Thoroughly referenced throughout (using footnotes), each chapter is rounded off with a helpful bibliography, a suggested further reading list, and Study Guide Questions. Name and Subject Indices, and Author Biographies complete the book.


  1. Why is a Creationist View Essential in Christian Theology—Prof Anders Gerdmar
  2. Why is Biblical Creation in Harmony With Science, and What Characterises Good Science?—Prof Ola Hössjer
  3. Toward a More Biblical Cosmology—Dr Russell Humphreys
  4. The Fingerprint of Intelligence: Thermodynamics and Information—Prof Andy McIntosh
  5. Geology: A Creationist Perspective on the Origin of the Rocks—Dr Tasman Walker
  6. Evidence for Intelligent Design in Animal Joints—Prof Stuart Burgess
  7. A Creationist Perspective on the Diversity of Life, Biblical Kinds, and Adaptation—Dr Jeffrey Tomkins
  8. Paleoanthropology: A Creationist Perspective on the Difference Between Humans and Great Apes—Dr Brian Thomas
  9. Seven Reasons to Believe in the Biblical Adam—Dr Robert Carter
  10. The Hidden History of the Human Race: A Quiet Revolution is Brewing in Science—Dr Nathaniel Jeanson


“It is so refreshing when Young Earth Creationists produce rigorous, intellectually sophisticated defences and extensions of their views. … intellectual integrity and loving God with our minds requires us to read books that are important, well-done, and get to the heart of the relevant issues. This high-level book does just that.”
— J. P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

“…Biblical Creation on Solid Ground gives the reader a refreshingly different perspective on key questions considered already answered by the naturalistic mainstream. Highly recommended.”
— Paul Nelson, Ph.D., Discovery Institute & Biola University

“Game over Darwin. … This book shows that biology and Christianity make sense only in the light of recent creation.”
— Pekka Reinikainen, MD, Helsinki

Forewords (excerpts)

I am pleased to recommend a book with “biblical creation” in the title. We have long argued that the “young-earth” is not an axiom, but a theorem deduced from the real axioms: propositions (factual statements) of Scripture, God’s word. This new book rigorously and clearly explains how the young earth follows from Scripture and is amply supported by real science. A nice touch is the study questions at the end of each chapter.

The Introduction and the first two chapters lay the groundwork. They explain why the young-earth position is biblical, why it is foundational for the Gospel, and how it also fits well with genuine science. The authors are Scandinavian scholars whose writings will be new to most English-speaking creation enthusiasts but well worth studying.

Then the remaining chapters, written by experts in the field, show how the best real science supports the biblical view. Many readers will be familiar with these authors, but they should still learn new things. …

In summary, there is something in the book for everyone.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D., F.M.
Senior Scientist and Author, Creation Ministries International (USA)

Biblical Creation on Solid Ground is in a simple, clear, and brilliant way of summing up the scientific, philosophical and theological arguments by scientists with respectable academic background. The word creationism finally gets its true meaning … Instead of the liberal theistic evolution that is removing the faith in creation, we see that the Father God re-enters honest science ... Based on [in-depth] studies in many kinds of [science], genetic, paleoanthropological, biological, molecular, geological, philosophical, chemical, mathematical, astronomical, or theological, … these pioneers give us a ground that we all can continue to build on. … Everyone who is interested in how the Word of God reveals the truth about this origin [of heaven and earth] must read this book. If you read this book with an open heart, it will change your life, it will open your heart for heaven and guide you into further, very interesting scientific, academic, and spiritual studies.

Frank Karlsen, Ph.D.
Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences, University of South-Eastern Norway

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