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The Creation Series box set

Eight books in the set

Soft Cover

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24 (each book)

Carole Leah

Soft Cover

January 2010


Looking for a way to introduce your children to key vocabulary and fundamental biblical concepts? Look no further than Carole Leah's exciting set of 8 Bible-based reading books, designed specifically for Pre-Schoolers and early elementary school students!

Featuring the delightful adventures of Todd, Joy, and Daniel, each book takes young readers on a journey through God's creation, exploring the story of how He made the world and how mankind fell. And with fun items like snails, rocks, and daisies to spot along the way, children will stay engaged and entertained from start to finish.

But these books aren't just entertaining - they're also packed with a clear gospel message that is ideal for Christian Schools and Families. Written to a high standard that teachers and schools will appreciate, this series of books is an uncompromising way to introduce your children to the timeless truths of the Bible. So why wait? Order your set today and start your child's journey to a deeper understanding of God's Word!

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