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Mr Hibb Geology & Dinosaur books

Two book pack

Hard Cover
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Primary/Elementary-Junior High


Hard Cover


This pack contains the two Mr Hibb books …

Exploring Geology with Mr Hibb
96 page hard cover book by Michael Oard, Tara Wolfe and Chris Turbuck [10-1-586]
Impressionable young people usually develop their worldview by age 12, and most are exposed to the secular interpretation of geology. The millions of years view is the major culprit behind evolutionary thinking and the doubts that are created about biblical origins.

This wonderfully illustrated, full-color book provides a biblical view of geology for elementary/primary school ages. It follows the entertaining adventures of the curious grasshopper Mr Hibb as he makes the learning of geology delightful and faith building

Chapters discuss how rocks were formed at creation, and how sedimentary rocks and fossils formed during the Flood. It describes how the earth was shaped using evidence for Flood runoff from the continents, how the Ice Age fits with the Bible, and how the world’s geology does not make sense assuming present secular ideas. Geological challenges are answered, such as dinosaur graveyards, tracks, and eggs; the origin of coal; metamorphic rocks; and the origin of caves and their deposits.

The book comes with observations, definitions, and hands-on activities. It’s just great fun!

Exploring Dinosaurs with Mr Hibb
128 page hard cover book by Michael Oard, Tara Wolfe, Chris Turbuck and Gary Bates [10-1-587]
This well illustrated book highlights the problems that evolutionists have in claiming how dinosaurs supposedly lived and died millions of years ago. It examines the often ignored evidence of millions of dinosaurs tracks, eggs, and big graveyards. These, plus the fossil remains of dinosaur bones, are really strong evidence that the majority of dinosaurs perished during Noah’s flood, with the exception of those preserved on the Ark.

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