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How the Bible is foundational to epistemology, ethics and cosmology

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Non-biblical philosophy grapples with several uncompromising challenges. “Everything from Nothing” is a problematic position, and even if “nothing” is redefined as particles of matter and antimatter perpetually popping in and out of existence, it is difficult to explain the provenance of the laws of physics, purportedly deriving from the physical, that oversee and govern such an environment. This devolves into the chicken and egg problem writ large. On the contrary, the eternal and uncreated God of the bible who creates and directs everything according to his own purposes, although generally not formally recognized by nonbiblical thought, provides an explanation not only for origins but also for thought itself, the latter of which remains unaccounted for in terms of physical/chemical reactions. Moreover, in a world of ever-changing political correctness, what is actually correct may become hopelessly unclear. In contrast, Scripture provides a comprehensive and coherent worldview (in areas including cosmology, epistemology and ethics), undergirding the fruitful and intellectually fulfilling life.

This illustrated presentation was recorded at the 2016 Australian Creation SuperCamp in front of a live audience.

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