2013 Australia Supercamp, MP3 CD





All 21 MP3 audio presentations from the Phillip Island Supercamp. One data CD.

This is 563mb of MP3 audio files which can be played a number of ways …

  • From your computer, directly from your CD/DVD drive or you can copy the 21 files to your hard drive. The software/program needed to then play the MP3 file will normally be already on your computer but if necessary free software can be downloaded from the internet and installed.
  • From your tablet, smart phone or MP3 player. There are many brands of devices which all have different methods of getting the MP3 files from CD/hard drive to the device. We assume that if you have one, then you'll know how to do this.

The MP3 files on this CD are also available as download products. List all audio downloads from the 2013 Australia Supercamp (which are all included with this product and the download version).

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