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Evidence for the Bible

Hard Cover
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High School-Adult


Clive Anderson and Brian Edwards

Hard Cover


Full-colour hard-cover book on archaeology from a biblical perspective. Learn how archaeological evidence supports the biblical accounts, first from global Flood legends around the world through Egyptian artefacts consistent with Israelites in Egypt from Joseph through Moses. Then we see archaeology from the great empires that interacted with God’s messianic nation Israel: neo-Babylonia, Persia, Greece, and Rome. This provides a background for the time of the time of Christ and His Apostles. Archaeology also provides insights from the time of the early church, the destruction of Jerusalem, the growth of the Church, finishing with Constantine.

For education, there are several helpful ‘extended notes’, on the numbers and date of the Exodus; the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus; and some archeological fallacies, such as the widespread argument from silence. Finally, there is a handy reference list of biblical dates, and lists of pharaohs, kings, and emperors of biblical times.

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