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Deconstruction of Christianity, The

What it is, why it’s destructive, and how to respond

Soft Cover


Alisa Childers & Tim Barnett

Soft Cover


Tyndale Elevate


A groundbreaking book on the true nature of faith deconstruction

A singer of former Christian pop-group ZOEGirl together with a speaker/apologist from the ministry Stand to Reason co-authored the book The Deconstruction of Christianity.

“It’s a battle of ideas”, quip the authors in the opening pages. Not every faith crisis results in deconstruction. It depends on your foundation (p. 80).

Deconstruction coaches in a postmodern world are not to tell their pupils what ‘their truth’ should be, just that it isn’t evangelical Christianity. Ironically: if indeed ‘truth’ is personal, then why bother with a guide to help find the way (p. 113)?

If the meaning of biblical text can be deconstructed according to one’s worldview, why should people read (or heed) the words penned by philosophers—or deconstruction coaches—who suggest doing so? Why trust those words?

The authors quote a study by Kara Powell and Steven Argue of the Fuller Youth Institute:

“…over 70 percent of churchgoing high schoolers report having serious doubts about faith. Sadly, less than half of those young people shared their doubts and struggles with an adult or friend. Yet these students’ opportunities to express and explore their doubts were actually correlated with greater faith maturity. In other words, it's not doubt that's toxic to faith; it's silence”

The deconstruction of Christianity by Childers and Barnett is a master class in bringing this controversial topic to a level so that the average person can understand what deconstruction is, why it is so destructive, and how to respond. The book uses real-life anecdotes as well as biblical analogies that connect this theme to the Bible—something that deconstructionists regrettably do not do.

If you have deconstructed your Christian faith, or are thinking about it, or know somebody who has/is: read this book. If you are a believer who just wants to stay abreast of what’s going on in the world and in the church: read this book.

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