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Are Miracles Scientific? + Genesis & the Gospel Connection DVD pack


Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Dr Jonathan Sarfati, Richard Fangrad

94 Minutes



Pack includes the two DVDs …

Genesis & the Gospel Connection
49 minute DVD by Richard Fangrad [30-9-556]
Is there a connection between Creation and the Gospel and why does it matter? The account of Creation in Genesis is often considered a side issue in the Church and avoided at the risk of being too "controversial". After all, science supports evolution. Or does it?
In this illustrated DVD presentation, Richard Fangrad makes the connections between the central teachings of Christianity (Christ’s death and resurrection) and Genesis, explaining why Jesus had to die and the significance for people today. But then he goes a step further by bringing in the origins debate and how a misinterpretation of Genesis quickly leads to the destruction of central Christian doctrines. He also briefly shows why the type of science that leads to advances in technology can never support evolution.

Are Miracles Scientific?
Can observational science verify when miracles occur?

42min DVD by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Learn how to think biblically and logically about miracles. Many attacks on miracles misunderstand what science can and can’t do, or even resort to arguing in circles. Why should we trust biblical miracle accounts? This presentation also refutes chronological snobbery and pagan copycat ideas.

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