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Babel and the Clans of Noah

The Biblical Family Tree of Real People—in Rhyme

Soft Cover

Product Audience:
Primary/Elementary-Junior High


Lucien Tuinstra (illustrated by David Tyrrell)

Soft Cover



People often overlook the family lists in the Bible (genealogies), such as in Genesis 5 and 11. These are really time-stamped ‘family trees’, showing the context for historical events like the Flood and the Tower of Babel. Real events, real places, and real people. Since God’s Word carefully records these family trees, Christians should be interested to learn more, and to teach them to their children. God preserved this information in the Bible for a reason!

This delightful, illustrated book in rhyming verse serves this purpose well. Children will enjoy learning about humanity’s true origins, especially in Genesis 10–11, the ‘Table of Nations’ and the ‘Tower of Babel’. They will also learn that we all go back to Noah, and before that, to Adam. (Apelike creatures are not our ancestors and such false teaching is not compatible with God’s Word.) Children naturally relate to the ideas of parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, and so on, not to mention husbands and wives, and siblings. These relationships are part of what gives us our identity, but the author also makes sure that children consider their relationship with God Himself.

A book that parents and teachers will enjoy reading to children (7–11s, but perhaps young ones too); and perhaps children themselves may read Babel and the Clans of Noah to their younger siblings. Helpful notes for parents/teachers help make this a useful resource for further study.

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