Are you 100% sure you want to be an agnostic?

Soft Cover

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High School-Adult


Andrew Sach & Jonathan Gemmell

Soft Cover


10 Publishing


Some people you meet aren’t atheists or believers, unsure of whether there is a God. Agnostics may respond with “I don’t know”, “we can’t know”, or even “I don’t want to know”, in which case they’re not so agnostic about their agnosticism! Still, they prefer to sit on the fence.

And yet, they have plenty of questions, so the writers of this short book provoke their readers to think again. “Where did we come from? What happens when we die? Can anyone make sense of all the suffering in the world? What’s it all for?” Agnostics wouldn’t mind answers to questions like these, just as long as no one is trying to brainwash them. This book is a challenge to those who are not 100% sure that they enjoy not being sure!

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