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Contested Bones + Icons of Evolution

Book and DVD pack

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High School-Adult

Dr John Sanford, Christopher Rupe


Pack includes …

Icons of Evolution: Lucy and Friends
55 minute DVD by Dr John Sanford [30-9-664]
Likely the most famous fossil ’ape-man’ is presented as an icon of evolution, a fossil that “proves” humans evolved from ape-like creatures. However, Dr John Sanford presents major controversies about Lucy that are rarely taught to students. Learn the facts about this famous fossil in this fascinating presentation.

Contested Bones
370 page soft cover book by Christopher Rupe, Dr. John Sanford
Contested Bones critically examines the major claims about the various hominin fossils and provides new insights regarding the history of paleoanthropology, and the sequence of discoveries that bring us up to the current state of confusion within the field. The authors provide alternative interpretations of the hominin species. Surprisingly, the conclusions of the authors consistently find strong support from various experts within the field.

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