The Great Ice Age - 7-Day Streaming

Evidence From the Flood For Its Quick Formation and Melting

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High School-Adult

Michael Oard

97 Minutes

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Explore the evidence for one rapid, post-Flood ice age with meteorologist Michael Oard. In three half-hour-plus episodes, you’ll travel to various geological locations across the northwestern U.S., observing first-hand the effects of the Genesis Flood and it’s icy aftermath. Learn how the ice age is a natural result of the Flood, and how a creationist model solves a host of mysteries about woolly mammoths, migration patterns, and dramatic climate change. You’ll also learn why the evolutionary scientific community believes in multiple ice ages, and why this interpretation is mistaken.

Part 1: Introduction to the Ice Age and the Associated Mysteries (35 minutes)
Part 2: Evidence for the Flood producing one Ice Age (30 minutes)
Part 3: How one Ice Age explains the Associated Mysteries (32 minutes)

Stunning footage, dramatic music, and in-depth teaching all serve to deepen your understanding and grow your faith. Those hungry for a biblical understanding of the ice age will be treated to a feast.

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