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Keaton Halley

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For centuries, theologians have debated what is meant by the term ‘expanse’, which was created on Day 2 of Creation Week. Keaton Halley sets out a logical basis for understanding this term and also shows that much of the confusion has come about due to Bible translation issues. Also, was there ever a vapour canopy surrounding the earth—an idea that creationists held for many years? Finally, Keaton discusses how God created dry land and vegetation on Day 3, and he presents evidence of remarkable evolution-defying design in the plant kingdom—the handiwork of the Creator.

This is the fourth session in The Genesis Academy set. The entire set can be purchased on DVD or as streaming video.

  • Contains great visuals including stunning graphics, animations and footage.
  • Perfect for adult and teen Sunday Schools or Bible studies, and even Sunday or midweek sessions.
  • Free online study guide available. You can print as many study guides as needed. View/download PDF

Be informed and entertained with this high quality production.

  1.  Does Genesis Matter? • Scott Gillis
  2.  Author, Date, Structure, Genre • Jonathan Sarfati
  3.  Creation of the World • Gary Bates
  4.  Creation Week Days 2 & 3 • Keaton Halley
  5.  Creation of Light-Givers • Jonathan Sarfati
  6.  God Creates Air, Land & Sea Creatures • Rob Carter
  7.  Creation of Mankind • Gary Bates
  8.  The Fall: A Cosmic Catastrophe • Joel Tay
  9.  The Pre-Flood World • Jonathan Sarfati
10.  Noah’s Flood and Billions of Years • Rob Carter
11.  Noah’s Flood and the Ark • Keaton Halley
12.  The Post-Flood World • Rob Carter

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