Where is God in a Messed-up World?

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Roger Carswell


Where is God when major tragedies occur, people lose loved ones in terrorist attacks, struggle with debilitating congenital conditions, suffer chronic pain or face terminal illness? God reveals certain things to us, but not everything. But the starting point is to find out who God is, and to figure out if he can be trusted—even if we don't have all the answers. Glib answers don’t help.

This book is bang up-to-date, relevant, fast-paced, biblically sound, faithful regarding origins, and pastorally warm. In short it’s a page-turner, and the sort of book you’re likely to want to pass on to others once you’ve read it yourself. It’s great for Christians but also for non-Christians, pulling no punches in explaining and applying the Gospel.

As well as 12 chapters, there are four excellent case studies, outstanding testimonies of various Christians undergoing suffering. Finally, Roger Carswell’s own experience of suffering with depression forms a moving and helpful appendix. He is a respected UK evangelist who, among other things, has spoken at numerous university mission weeks for over three decades—and his wealth of experience certainly comes to the fore in this book.

“A realistic and compassionate view of how we can respond to suffering”—Gordon Corera, BBC correspondent.

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