Soft Tissue, Proteins and Carbon-14 in Dinosaur Remains

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2018 SuperConference (Australia)

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Summary: The evolutionary theory of history requires millions (or billions) of years since the earth formed. The discovery in 1993 of soft tissue and biomolecules in dinosaur bones raised a storm of controversy in the scientific world. Could fragile chemicals from creatures extinct 65 million years ago really survive for that long or is there a simpler explanation? Which view of earth’s history is correct? How can we explain the fossil record? This talk reviews the latest research in radiocarbon dating of dinosaur remains and presents data supporting the Biblical timeframe.

Material covered: Biblical inerrancy and timeframe, how dinosaurs fit in, fossils and the Flood, Sinfulness of Man, God’s judgment past (Flood), present and future (2nd Coming - 2 Peter 3) and man’s need to trust in Christ

This illustrated presentation was recorded at the 2018 Australian Creation SuperConference in front of a live audience.

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