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All you need to know about the Bible

Six book set

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Brian Edwards

Soft Cover


This first-rate series of six books is a wonderful blend of apologetics, history, archaeology, theology and biblical Studies, suitable for all those who are interested in the Bible’s authenticity, reliability and trustworthiness. They are ideal for 15 year olds upwards. We agree with author and reviewer David Jackman:

“Packed with valuable factual information, detailed documentation, wide-ranging references and penetrating reasoning, not a sceptical stone is left unturned and not a critical argument goes unanswered.”

These books will help you delight afresh in the authoritative Word of God:

“Like a jeweller turning a diamond so that every facet flashes with light, Brian holds up God’s Word so that its perfections shine.”
Dr Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Series Outline:

Book 1: Can we trust it?

1. What’s the Bible all about?
    The Master Plan with Jesus Christ as the theme
2. Remarkable prophecy
    What do we do with these incredible predictions?
3. Evidence of an eyewitness
    Proof that the writers were there
4. Did Jesus really live?
    Jesus fixed in history
5. Living letters for living churches
    Marks of real letters to real Christians
6. Fact or fiction?
    Evidence of the Old Testament written in its time

Book 2: Big claims from a unique book

1. The God who reveals himself
    Evidence everywhere
2. Ultimate truth
    God-given and without error
3. Jesus and his Bible
    What Scriptures did Jesus use?
4. The apostles and their Bible
    What Scriptures did the apostles use?
5. Absolute authority
    Big claims by prophets, Jesus, and apostles
6. Is the Bible enough?
    Sufficient and final
7. The Chicago statement
    The inerrancy statement of the International Council for Biblical Inerrancy

Book 3: Have we got the right books?

1. Who thought of a Bible?
    The idea of a collection of books
2. The Jews and their Bible
    The books in the Old Testament
3. The early Christians and their Bible
    The beginning of a New Testament
4. A growing collection
    The development of the accepted books
5. A complete New Testament
    The books accepted across the Christian world
6. Who wrote the books?
    The writers of the New Testament books
7. Helpful letters not in the Bible
    More instructions for the young churches
8. A library of lies
    The writings of the heretics
    A chart of the church Fathers

Book 4: A journey from then to now

1. From flames to fame
    The story of the English Bible
2. How old is the Old Testament?
    The earliest copies
3. How old is the New Testament?
    The earliest copies
4. Discovering the best text
    Why are some verses different?
5. Which translation?
    The dilemma of many versions

Book 5: Sense as well as faith

1. Tearing the Bible apart
    The Bible and its critics
2. Great minds on a great book
    What scholars say
3. Digging up the evidence
    Archaeology confirms the truth
4. Guidelines for combat
    Errors and contradictions?
5. Solving the problems
    Resolving some of the issues

Book 6: Enjoy your Bible!

1. It’s for you, it’s alive—read it!
    The best way to read the Bible
2. Reading the Bible with common sense
    A guide to a good understanding
3. A bit more common sense
    Types, symbols and dangers to avoid
4. Getting to grips with the Old Testament
    A chart of the books in their proper place
5. Piecing the Gospels together
    A harmony of the life of Jesus
6. Where did they write their letters?
    The Acts of the Apostles and where all the letters fit in
7. Reading the Bible from cover to cover
    A careful plan to read it all in eighteen months!
8. Take time with God
    Spending time each day with God

Help us proclaim the truth and authority of the Bible.


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